Week 9 - November 1 & 2, 1998

Disclaimer: This report was written by Dan. Any inaccuracies contained herein are attributable to Dan and are probably the result of tears in his eyes from his sound spanking at the hands of his brother.

Another exciting week in the CBBFL. Let us recap.

Bobís Bitches went heads up against Dave Tantrum Boys in the Battle of Number 2 and Number 3. Bobís Bitches went Number 2 and lost to Dave 136-103. Dave had some Farve with his Freeman this week as they combined for 51 points. He was also helped by 23 from Courtney "Yes I am still on a team" Hawkins. He was disappointed by the 26 points his Running Backs scored for him. Bob had Michael Westbrook on his team, who didnít play, and Herman Moore, who shouldnít have played. His best player of the day, although not the highest scoring, was Morten Anderson(K) who had 12 points.

Danny "Points donít Matter!" Doan went up against Steve "I wish points didnít matter" Thornton in the COLGATE LOW SCORE BOWL. The All Stars come out ahead 94-88. Danny had a Big day from Fred Taylor with 23 points, but left Mike Alstottís 21 riding the pine. No matter. 0-7 Carolinaís defense had a good showing with 11 points. How can this guy be tied for Third? Steve was disappointed by 1 point from Rod Smith, 0 form Andre Rison, and 5 from Billy "Tarik" Smith. Amazingly, Steve is in Sixth Place. Still last, but better than Eighth.

Bradís Marauders stomped Daveís Vikings to death 120-77. Terrell had 27 points, yadda, yadda, yadda, etc, etc., but Rob Moore awoke from his coma and contributed a season high 19 points to the win. Faulk scored 18, mostly on receptions and Steve Young took the week off, essentially. Brad mistakenly played Gary Brown(4) instead of Fred Lane(18). Oh Well. Dave had a decent showing from Randall Cunningham with 20 points, but for some unknown reason left Jake Reed on the bench with his 24 points.

Jerryís Running Backs crushed the life out of Danís entire team with 69 points. He wins 134-109. Better than a tie. Dan started out well with 37 points from Jamal Anderson and 25 from Drew Bledsoe, but was unable to overcome the onslaught by the Vermin. In addition to the Dunn, George, Smith 69 points, Eddie McCaffrey scored 22 to seal the win. Oh wait, Dan could have overcome Jerry if he had played Charles Johnson who scored 32, 14 more points than his entire starting receiver corps.

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