Week 8 October 25 & 26, 1998

Dave and the only running back he bothered to suit up easily hand Bob a win. Something Bob hasn't been able to do no matter how hard his opponents try to give him a win. Bob says, "Thanks!"

Jerry puts in the wrong wide receiver and suffers a minus in the score column and an "nope" in the win column as Danny takes advantage of Jerry's unfortunate coaching.

Another matchup victimized by bye-week featured Steve's leftovers defeating Dan's leftovers minus Bettis. Even with Bettis, Dan had no chance as his brother ponders changing his team's name to Dankickers. Should not have flaunted the halo last week Dan!

The final matchup pitted last years #1 vs #2 as the Tantrum Boys and Marauders finished in a tie. Luckily for David, Brad's team was mostly on bye, as key players on David's team choked and sputtered reminiscent of Weeks 5 and 6 for David. Donnell Bennett could have won the match for David but settled for his 40 yds rushing and 10 yds passing as usual. Thanks for the late fumble, Elvis. Now you know why you are benched! Oh Well, I hadn't talked to my sister lately anyway.

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