Week 6 - October 11 & 12, 1998

Dan sneaks by, Dave triumphs again on Monday night, Jerry picks on his little bro', Danny gets injured.

Despite a poor coaching job by Dan "Akers", he managed to hold on for the win over Bob "Danny Jr" Py, who apparently forgot that "bye week" also applies to his wide receivers. Dan left Antowain "26 pts" on the bench, the same bench that Bob "The sledgehammer" should have left Herman Moore on. Bob fell into a tie for first place, while Dan nears a .500 record for the year. Garrison Hearst and Mark Brunell were Dan's only players in double figures.

With 3 catches, 80+yds, and 2 tds in the 4TH QUARTER of the Monday night game, Keenan McCardell fueled a spectacular comeback for Dave's Non-Vikings in the 82-80 thriller. Steve took the L very hard, promising "This is going to show up on your performance review, buddy!!!!" Steve moved into last place all by himself (but only 2 games out of first place). Dave settled into a 3rd place tie with the walloping of his boss. John Elway and his 13 pts are still sitting on Steve's bench, glaring at him. Andre "Goose Egg" Rison was elected the team mascot for Steve.

"Go Kordell" Jerry improved his record to 2-3-1 with a convincing punking of "Why didn't I trade sooner?" David 96-63. Stewart became the first QB to bonus with rushing yards in the history of CBFFL. David was led by Troy Drayton's 2 Monday night TD's and 11 pts. Jerry's geriatric running back corps also had a solid week. David had only 2 coaching decisions to make and he guessed wrong on both of them. Jerry continued to score well, although he has given up a league high 668 pts.

Fred "Hurricane" Taylor threatened to help Danny catch the commish, starting the game with a 77 yd TD run, but he conveniently forgot how to run the rest of the night, even getting injured as he finished with 89 yds, as Danny lost 109-80. Other injuries for Danny included Curtis Martin, a gameday scratch, Jeff George, who will be out 4-6 wks with a groin, and Eric Green, who punctured a lung during his game Sunday. Brad also lost a player, Robert Holcombe, to Thorntonitis of the knee. No word on when he will return. Spectacular weeks by Steve Young and Terrell Davis, who combined for 65 pts, led the commish into a tie with Bob at 4-2. Danny dropped to 3-3 and into a 3rd place tie.

We're almost in alphabetical order in the standings now.

Looking ahead to week 7, we have:

A showdown for first place between Bob and Brad
The Dave match
The Dan match
The Toilet Bowl for last place between Steve and Jerry

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