Week 5 - October 4 & 5, 1998

Bob loses, Dave and the Vikings kick butt, Steve's defense stifles, and the Commish sneaks by Dan.

Danny has FINALLY picked up on the terribly difficult "bye week" concept, shaming the formerly unbeaten Bob 88-81. Despite a -1 from Jeff George, Danny moved to 3-2 and into a 2nd place tie on the legs of Curtis Martin and Muhsin Muhammed. Bob managed to lose despite a 300+ passing yard performance from his backup QB, Kerry "My heart's just not in it" Collins. A total of 13 RB pts doomed our leader.

Randall "Hey, I likes the rain in Wisconsin" Cunningham and the boys had 70+ pts on Monday night to lead Dave to the week's high score of 123. Jerry was unable to get the number of the truck that hit him, falling 50 pts short with 73. Natrone Means continued to look strong with 22pts for Dave. Dave improved to 2-3 and Jerry fell to 1-3-1 and into a last place tie with Dan.

Steve's defenders again held an opponent below 65 pts, keeping the unstoppable David to a league low of 53 for the week. Steve "Hell, I'll play QB myself" rocked David's world, holding even David's bench to a mere 4 pts. Even with the fewest points scored, Steve is 2-3. David plummeted to 3-2 and into a second place tie.

Riding the broad back of Randy Moss and his 32 pts, Dan zooms to 110 pts, falling just short of Brad, who was leveraged against Moss with the Viking kicker, tallying 111 pts. "Free Fallin'" Dan took his 3rd L in a row, falling below his customary next to last place. The Commish left two 15+ pt players on the bench, but still moved to 3-2 and into a tie for second place.

Looking ahead to week 6, it's grudge week for CBFFL

David plays older bro' Jerry for the first time (Brett Favre on bye)
Brad plays former coworker and league neophyte Danny
Dave plays coworker (Boss) Steve No taking it easy on him, eh,
Dave(entire team on bye)
Dan plays Bob (who is rumored to have swiped a beer from Dan's fridge)

Good luck!!

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