Week 3 - September 20 & 21, 1998

Bob remains undefeated, Dan finally loses, Danny and Dave just suck(although Dave has been hit hard by injury), Steve gets off the Schneid.

Bob moves out to 3-0, beating Jerry 126-95 on the strength of 3 wide receiver bonuses and Mark Brunell remembering how to throw the ball. 21 bench points made for terrific efficiency for the B*tches. Jerry took his first loss very hard, promising to "get even with Emmitt" for quitting during the Giants game. Jerry also coached very well in the losing effort, moving to 1-1-1 on the year.

David sneaks by Dan on a miraculous Monday night thanks to the efforts of Deion "Mr. Defense AND Special teams" Sanders. Deion had 2 tds, enabling Dave to make up a 4 pt deficit and win 83-77, also thanks to a few drops by Michael "Scum-city" Irvin. Dan was 3 pts from his max, getting only 10 from the Seattle defense, who were bested for the first time this year by the, yes, Dallas D, who put up 16 pts. David moves to 2-1, tied with ??Danny for 2nd place. Dan drops to 1-1-1. David finally put James "Mr Bonus" Stewart into his lineup and was rewarded with a fumble, no yards, and an injury.

Speaking of negative points, Dave Bolton was led by Ryan Leaf. Leaf completed only 1 pass for 4 yards, fumbled 3 times, and threw 2 interceptions. The -5 points sets a league record for futility. Speaking of futility, let's talk about Danny's coaching. His bench outscored both of the starting teams in this game, not to mention outscoring Brad and Dan's starting teams (And only losing by 1 pt to David). Apparently, "Bye week" is a very difficult concept. Danny tried to play a player not active until week 4(who was on bye week anyway). He also played 2 other guys on bye weeks. Without a QB at all, Dave would have tied in this game. Anyway, great game by Natrone Means, who looks like he has returned to All-Pro caliber. Danny soars to 2-1 and into second place. With the 65-60 loss, Dave drops to 8th place all by himself at 0-3.

Speaking of futility, let's talk about the team fielded by the commish this week. The lack of Steve Youngs 30+ points per game were quite evident, as Steve notched his first win, 88-62. This is the worst loss by the commish in 2 yrs. A "hunch" resulted in Brian Still getting the start over Jermaine "That's me in the end zone, you idiot" Lewis. Ricky Watters led the charge for Steve, who won despite 2 pts from Corey Dillon and 6 from Elway, who left the game early after aggravating his hamstring. Both coaches move to 1-2 on the year.

Average points were way down during the first of 8 bye weeks. Bob was the only player to break the century mark. Speaking of breaking, how about Greg Hill - 158 yds, 2tds, and a broken leg. Better luck in week 4, guys.

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