Week 15 December 10 through 14, 1998

Week 15 wrap up and year ending observations

Dan has a miracle Christmas
Danny almost loses out on the money
Bob humiliates a down and downtrodden David
Steve wins the Keyster Bowl and possibly first shot at Ricky Williams

Dan sneaks by Jerry 108-99, winning 5 out of 6 to finish in 2nd place at 8-6-1. Newcomer and tight end mogul Jerry has a solid year, finishing dead even at 7-7-1 in 4th place.

Another newcomer, Danny, loses his 3rd straight 133-107, falling into 3rd place as the Commish seals up his 3rd straight championship of CBFFL. Danny ends the year at 8-7, while Brad is 11-3-1.

Bob beats David to end the year at 7-8, after looking like an early lock to run away with the league championship. David loses 5 out of the last 6 to fall hard out of the money into 6th place.

Dave continues his strong year-end push with 138 pts to Steveís 80. Dave finishes at 6-9 to Steveís 5-10.

Some year end notes:
Bob played the toughest schedule, with his opponents averaging 111.9 pts.
Steve played the weakest schedule, with his opponents averaging 92.6 pts

Brad, Dan, and Jerry were the only teams to score more pts than they allowed.

4 players averaged over 100 pts a week. Brad with 126.3 and Steve with 84.2 were the extremes

Everyone had at least 1 100 pt game. Bob with 10 and Brad with 13 had the most.

Brad had the high score for the week 5 times during the year. David had the low score for the week 5 times - Steve had it 6 times. Only Danny didnít have a high or a low score week for the year.

Danís 175 and Davidís 53 were the high and low overall scores for the year. Danís 77 was the highest low. Steve and Danny tied with 126 for the lowest high.

The top ten player point totals for the year
Steve YoungQB352 27.1Brad
Terrell DavisRB328 23.4Brad
Jamaal AndersonRB279 19.9Dan
Randall CunninghamQB273 19.5Dave
Brett FavreQB271 19.4David
Marshall FaulkRB270 19.3Brad
Garrison HearstRB246 17.6Bob
Drew BledsoeQB245 17.5Dan
Trent GreenQB220 16.9NOBODY
Only Rbís and Qbís made the top ten.

Randy Moss and Antonio Freeman ran away with the Wide Receiver race. Jerry had 3 of the top 8 Wrís.

Continuing with his love for receivers, Jerry had the #1 and #2 tight ends

Gary Anderson for Brad finished the year with a 20 pt game to total 141.

Quite similarly, the Seattle defense for Dan finished the year with a 20 pt game to total 141 for the year.

Commishís Note: I would like to thank everyone for their participation this year. Teams were turned in on time, coaches paid attention (for the most part) to bye weeks, injuries, etc. The scoring software has been a great help. Even on weeks when we didnít get a wrapup done, we had scores/stats posted. I hope everyone will come back and play next year.

Please email me with your votes for Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, your ALL PRO team, Flop of the year, Worst Draft pick, etc.

We are doing a playoff series this year. So far, David has chosen not to participate, but everyone else has indicated their interest in continuing. After week 17, the scores will be done manually, but there are fewer games and no Sunday night games, so I should be able to post updated scores on Sunday nights except for the Super Bowl . . . speaking of which, we would like to get everyone together if possible (maybe at Davidís house) to watch it.

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