Week 14 December 3 through 6, 1998

The Underdogs rise to Victory!

Bitches awake from their slumber and turn the tables on a strong Commish used to losing with the second highest score of the week. Bob triumphs, 156 to 138! The Commish was a wide receiver off a perfect game but even possessing a point scoring quarterback could not stop the Bitch onslaught. Bob's wide receiver corps outscored three other teams and a perfect game would have netted a 190! Brad moves on to face Danny and Bob tangles with his fellow Crazy Brad disappointment, David.

Dave's Viking wins week 14 as the Tantrum Boys throw another benchwarming fit in a 73 to 90 lost. Randall Cunningham brings home the W for Dave singlehandedly, outscoring The Tantrum Boys runningback corps three times over. David is so desperate, he is now trying to draft other coach's players. David will tackle the resurgent Bob and Dave takes on Steve.

Doofuses bring rookie Danny's All-Pros back down to earth in a 126 to 119 victory for Dan. Dan's future franchise player Randy Moss leads his usually inept pack past the unorthodox rookie who isn't playing by the rules and may actually take home money in his first year. Fred Taylor and Joey Galloway almost secured the win for Danny but Bob loves finishing the season with a big disappointing loss to David, his last opponent. Danny finishes with a battle Royale with the Commish.

John Elway, tired of the constant squealing in the forest, steps up and leads the Bulletboys past the lackluster vermin 126 to 99. Emmitt Smith was doomed to fail as David did not play Chris Warren and so Jerry suffered as prophesized. Jerry finishes the season taking on Dan while Steve takes on Dave and assume their proper positions as good rookies should.

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