Week 13 November 26 & 30, 1998

Four coaches accomplish their high score for the year
Dan and Bob obliterate the Commish’s records
Older bro’ punishes kid bro’
Steve eclipses the century mark in losing effort
Danny gets shellacked

Dan scored a record 175 pts this week, possibly earning himself his first fantasy football money ever. Bob also had a great week with 148 pts, our highest losing score this year. That’s a lot of points, and both coaches could have score another 25-30 pts with high scores on their bench. Dan moved out of his customary 6th place and into the rarified air of 4th, tied with David at 6-6-1 on the year. Bob has sewn up 6th place for a while at 5-8 (after starting 4-0). Great weeks from all players on both teams. Bob with 5 players over 20 pts and 2 more over 20 on his bench. Dan with 7 players in double digits (including Moss at 35) and 3 more double digiters on the bench.

Jerry moves into 3rd place, only ˝ a game behind Danny, after whipping David like a rented mule 119-65. Brett Favre continued to be David’s only bright spot, putting up nearly half of David’s points. Jerry had a consistent showing from his team, with 6 players in double digits and his lowest player putting up 4 pts. David had better whip his team into shape really soon if he wants to finish in the money.

The "AMD" Toilet Bowl was won by Dave, who sneered at Steve’s best score of the year, putting up his own best score of the year in a 147-118 triumph. Randall Cunningham led "Who needs running backs?" Dave with 34 pts. 3 other players scored over 20 pts. Steve coached a perfect game (somewhat attributable to his weak bench, but hey, great coaching anyway) and had 5 players in double digits. This leaves them tied at 4-9, the tiebreaker going to Dave, who has scored almost 200 more points than Steve.

Brad rode Danny hard and put him away wet 142-74. The Commish clinches the league victory with this win. Brad’s bench tied Danny’s 74 pts. Terrell Davis with 7 pts was the lowest scoring RB for Brad, who lost 2 WR’s to injury this week. Curtis Martin’s 27 pts were Danny’s sole bright spot.

Looking ahead to weeks 14, 15, and 16:

Week 14 is the last week of the regular season
Dan plays Danny in a key matchup for $$$
Jerry plays new centurian Steve in an attempt to get into 2nd place while Steve hopes for the #1 draft pick
David plays Dave in a last ditch effort to get into the money this year, while Dave also hopes for the #1
Brad plays Bob

Week 15 will be the position round

#1 Brad
#2 Jerry/Danny

#3 Jerry/Danny/Dan
#4 Dan/David/Jerry

#5 David/Dan
#6 Bob

#7 Dave/Steve
#8 Dave/Steve

Week 16 will be the playoff week. Any teams that are tied in record will play off the tie. Other coaches will be off for week 16

Which leads to our 2nd season.


Each coach will use his current team (sorry, Steve) and kick $15 into the pot. High score takes the entire pot. We will play week 17 and all the way through the Super Bowl. Scoring will be as before, but each coach can play all available players each week.

If you have a trade left, look to trade for playoff-bound players. Peyton Manning won’t do you any good except in week 17.

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