Week 1 - September 6 & 7, 1998

Dave had to go out of town this week, so we'll have the sarcastic web page up and going for week 2 results.

Here's a brief recap of week 1.

The Greif boys overmatched the Thornton boys, finishing 1-2 vs 6-8 for the week.

David led off with 138 pts, easily beating the commish, who got stuck on 128 pts. Dave left 85 pts riding the pine, so this could have been the highest score of the year. Brad had a chance, but a weak effort by Terrell "decoy" Davis kept the points down. Elam's 53 yarder in the Monday night game was the knockout blow. The Commish was 1 pt from his coaching maximum.

In a battle of newcomers, Jerry put it to Danny convincingly 131-93. 17 pts from the KC defense left Jeff George lying on his back. Watch out for Keyshawn and this Emmitt guy no one has heard of.

Bob snuck by Viking Dave, scoring just enough on Monday night to eke out a 109-105 win. Garrison Hearst's 96 yard run in overtime proved to be the difference in this close match. Wayne Chrebet's 21 pts on the bench didn't help Dave, though. Bob did leave 19 from Herman "Sure I'm hurt" Moore and 17 from Andre "The Dinosaur" Reed on the bench as well.

In the snore-fest from Austin, Dan sleptwalked past a comatose Steve. Dan "Oh THAT Seattle" left his highest score on the bench, a 21 pt standout from his defense, including a TD, 9 sacks, and a shutout. Not to be outdone, Steve left Troy Aikman's 27 pts on the bench. As predicted in the draft by Steve, his offense was keyed by Tarik "Mr. DNP" Smith, who matched both Irving Fryar and Mark Bruener in points, although he never entered the game. Kudos to Randy Moss for making a strong rookie impression in his first game.

For those of you still reading about this ...zzz...zzz..., the score was 94-80.

Trades turned in this week were:

Jerry's Vermin: Drop RB Byron Hanspard, ATL, pick up RB Ahman Green, Sea.

Brad's Boneheads: Drop WR Kevin Dyson, Tenn, pick up WR Bryan Still, SD.

These players will be active for week 3.

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